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App Design




Codinator is a graphic tool that simplifies the process of designing an application (GUI). It can be used to design for all platforms and devices. Codinator is a tool that is easy and simple to use when designing your application. Conjure up a design in your mind, pick from the various materials and assemble these ingredients to build your envisioned design. Creating your desired style and design is as easy as assembling blocks when you combine the right ingredients! Focus on what’s truly important – your design. Codinator takes care of all the tedious and repetitive steps involved in the process. Now you can spend more quality time fine-tuning details and completing the design to meet your highest standards. Codinator is a powerful tool that is easy to use. Everyone can easily use this powerful tool to design various kinds of high quality applications.

High-quality Designs

Powerful features

Codinator’s functional strength is in its optimization for the GUI design process.

Design Materials


Slice & Export

Choose from hundreds of Design Materials and combine with a few clicks to create the perfect style. Experience the convenience of switching between diverse pre-drawn shapes. Switch from one shape to another effortlessly while designing. The completed design can be exported into an image file or document. (The document includes information such as the file name, coordinates, and size)

Flexible Style

Flexible Resizing


Apply various sizes and shapes to your design with ease and rest assured. The design style will be maintained as you enlarge and shrink your design. After completing the design, you have the flexibility of testing your final design in various resolutions. The powerful ‘Path’ feature allows you to create your own unique shapes for your design.


Color Blindness Simulation


Adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness simultaneously using our ‘Color-Wheel’ feature to change the ambiance of your designs. Simulate color blindness and color vision deficiency to observe the clarity of hue and text for color blind users. We have prepared various design templates for use with all platforms and devices.

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